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2.3 make install

The coNCePTuaL compiler and run-time library are installed with make install. Although configure can specify the default installation directory (see configure), this can be overridden at make install time in one of two ways. make DESTDIR=prefix install prepends prefix to every directory when installing. However, the files are installed believing that DESTDIR was not specified. For example, make DESTDIR=/mnt install would cause executables to be installed into /mnt/usr/local/bin, but if any of these are symbolic links, the link will omit the /mnt prefix.

The second technique for overriding installation directories is to specify a new value for ‘prefix’ on the command line. That is, make prefix=/opt/ncptl install will install into /opt/ncptl/bin, /opt/ncptl/include, /opt/ncptl/man, etc., regardless of the --prefix value given to configure. coNCePTuaL’s Makefile provides even finer-grained control than that. Instead of—or in addition to—specifying a prefix option on the command line, individual installation directories can be named explicitly. These include bindir, datadir, libdir, includedir, infodir, mandir, pkgdatadir, pythondir, and many others. Scrutinize the Makefile to find a particular directory that should be overridden.

The remainder of this section presents a number of optional installation steps that add coNCePTuaL support to a variety of third-party software packages.

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