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8.2.8 config fails

When is run with the ‘config’ option, it generates a temporary .c file that it runs through the C preprocessor. Problems (e.g., agcc.exe: no input files’ error message) may occur when running under Cygwin (a Unix-like user environment for Microsoft Windows) with a Cygwin Python interpreter but a non- Cygwin C preprocessor (e.g.,  MinGW’s) because may try to pass a Unix-style filename to the C preprocessor, which expects to receive a Windows-style filename.

A workaround is to specify explicitly a temporary directory for to use. Use forward slashes and filenames without spaces (e.g., DOS-style 8.3 filenames) as in the following example:

make TEMP=C:/DOCUME~1/user/LOCALS~1/Temp
Scott Pakin,