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8.2.9 Building on problematic platforms

Some experimental systems require rather specialized build procedures that thwart coNCePTuaL’s standard makefile. Unfortunately, Makefile is complex and difficult to edit by hand. Users comfortable with Automake should edit —which is used to generate Makefile—and re-run automake, autoconf, and ./configure as described in make.

coNCePTuaL includes an alternate Makefile called Makefile.simple (generated at configuration time from Makefile.simple is a stripped-down version of Makefile that is designed to be easy to edit by hand. make -f Makefile.simple builds a static version of the coNCePTuaL run-time library in the current directory. make -f Makefile.simple clean deletes the run-time library and all of the object files used to build it. Makefile.simple supports no other features. The intention is to provide the bare minimum needed to get backends such as c_mpi to produce executable programs even when running in unusual environments.

Scott Pakin,