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B.4 Representing aggregate functions

The LOG_AGGREGATE enumerated type, defined in ncptl.h, accepts the following values:

NCPTL_FUNC_NO_AGGREGATE Log all data points.

NCPTL_FUNC_MEAN Log only the arithmetic mean.

NCPTL_FUNC_HARMONIC_MEAN Log only the harmonic mean.

NCPTL_FUNC_GEOMETRIC_MEAN Log only the geometric mean.

NCPTL_FUNC_MEDIAN Log only the median.

NCPTL_FUNC_MAD Log only the median absolute deviation.

NCPTL_FUNC_STDEV Log only the standard deviation.

NCPTL_FUNC_VARIANCE Log only the variance.

NCPTL_FUNC_SUM Log only the sum.

NCPTL_FUNC_MINIMUM Log only the minimum.

NCPTL_FUNC_MAXIMUM Log only the maximum.

NCPTL_FUNC_FINAL Log only the final measurement.

NCPTL_FUNC_PERCENTILE Log only the nth percentile.

NCPTL_FUNC_ONLY Log any data point, aborting if they’re not all identical.

NCPTL_FUNC_HISTOGRAM Log a histogram of the data points

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