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B.3 Event types

Programs generated by define the following event types:

EV_ARECV Asynchronous receive

EV_ASEND Asynchronous send

EV_BTIME Beginning of a timed loop

EV_DELAY Spin or sleep

EV_ETIME Ending of a timed loop

EV_FLUSH Compute aggregate functions for log-file columns

EV_MCAST Synchronous multicast

EV_NEWSTMT Beginning of a new top-level statement

EV_RECV Synchronous receive

EV_REDUCE Reduction with or without a subsequent multicast

EV_REPEAT Repeatedly process the next N events

EV_RESET Reset counters

EV_RESTORE Restore the previously pushed counter values

EV_SEND Synchronous send

EV_STORE Store all counters’ current values

EV_SUPPRESS Suppress writing to the log and standard output

EV_SYNC Barrier synchronization

EV_TOUCH Touch a region of memory

EV_WAIT Wait for all asynchronous sends/receives to complete


None of the above

Generated code, motivates the use of event-based execution for coNCePTuaL programs.

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