The coNCePTuaL GUI
Draw communication patterns with the mouse and save them as coNCePTuaL code


The coNCePTuaL GUI requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run. There are multiple ways to run the GUI:

  1. If you've configured your Web browser to run Java then you can run the coNCePTuaL GUI as an applet right from this Web page. Depending on your system's security settings, you may or may not see a File menu that you can use to save the communication patterns that you draw.
  2. You can install and launch the coNCePTuaL GUI using Java Web Start technology if your JRE supports it.
  3. You can download the coNCePTuaL GUI and run it locally with a command like the following:
$ java -jar ncptlGUI-1.5.1.jar

Instructions on how to use the coNCePTuaL GUI are included in the coNCePTuaL User's Guide.

The coNCePTuaL GUI Java applet

The coNCePTuaL GUI should appear below. Before using the GUI, first click on the applet to activate it. If you want—and if your browser supports it— you can tear the GUI out of the browser into its own window by grabbing it on the left and dragging it away.

The coNCePTuaL GUI cannot run unless Java is enabled within your Web browser. If needed, you can download the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from Sun's Web site.
Scott Pakin,