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3.5.4 ncptl-logunmerge

The primary capability of ncptl-logmerge (see ncptl-logmerge) is to merge multiple coNCePTuaL log files into a more maintainable single file. ncptl-logunmerge performs the complementary operation of splitting that merged file back into the original set of coNCePTuaL log files.

Running ncptl-logunmerge  --usage causes ncptl-logunmerge to list a synopsis of its core command-line options to the standard output device; running ncptl-logunmerge  --help produces basic usage information; and, running ncptl-logunmerge  --man outputs a complete manual page. See ncptl-logunmerge manual page, shows the ncptl-logunmerge documentation as produced by ncptl-logunmerge  --man.

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