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6.3.8 Task-mapping functions

Function: NCPTL_VIRT_PHYS_MAP * ncptl_allocate_task_map (ncptl_int numtasks)

Allocate and initialize an opaque NCPTL_VIRT_PHYS_MAP object and return a pointer to it.

Function: NCPTL_VIRT_PHYS_MAP * ncptl_point_to_task_map (NCPTL_VIRT_PHYS_MAP *oldmap)

Store a pointer to a task map, and mark the task map as “live”.

Function: NCPTL_VIRT_PHYS_MAP * ncptl_conditionally_copy_task_map (NCPTL_VIRT_PHYS_MAP *oldmap)

Replicate an existing task map if it is “live” (i.e., something points to it) or return the input parameter if not.

Function: ncptl_int ncptl_virtual_to_physical (NCPTL_VIRT_PHYS_MAP *procmap, ncptl_int virtID)

Given a process map allocated by ncptl_allocate_task_map() and a (virtual) task ID, return the corresponding (physical) process ID.

Function: ncptl_int ncptl_physical_to_virtual (NCPTL_VIRT_PHYS_MAP *procmap, ncptl_int physID)

Given a process map allocated by ncptl_allocate_task_map() and a (physical) process ID, return the corresponding (virtual) task ID.

Function: ncptl_int ncptl_assign_processor (ncptl_int virtID, ncptl_int physID, NCPTL_VIRT_PHYS_MAP *procmap, ncptl_int physrank)

Assign a (physical) processor ID, physID, to a (virtual) task ID, virtID given a virtual-to-physical mapping table, procmap. Return a new task ID for the caller’s processor given its processor ID, physrank. ncptl_assign_processor() is intended to implement the IS ASSIGNED TO construct (see Reordering task IDs).

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