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4.3.3 Target tasks

A <target_tasks> specification takes one of six forms:

<target_tasks> ::= ALL OTHER TASKS
| TASK <expr>
| TASKS <restricted_ident>
| TASK GROUP <ident>
| TASKS <range> [, <range>]*

ALL OTHER TASKS is just like ALL TASKS in a <source_task> specification (see Source tasks) but applies to all tasks except the source task. Also, unlike ALL TASKS, ALL OTHER TASKS does not accept an <ident> term.

The remaining <target_tasks> variants behave like their <source_task> counterparts (see Source tasks), but their variables are evaluated in the scope of the corresponding <source_task>. For example, in the <source_task> ‘TASKS src SUCH THAT 3 DIVIDES src’, the variable ‘src’ can be used in a <target_tasks> such as ‘TASKS dst SUCH THAT dst>src’.

Scott Pakin,