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6.3 Run-time library functions

To simplify the backend developer’s task and to provide consistent functionality across backends, coNCePTuaL provides a run-time library that encapsulates many of the common operations needed for network-correctness and performance-testing programs. This section describes all of the functions that the library exports (plus a few important types and variables). The library is written in C, so all of the type/variable/function prototypes are expressed with C syntax. The library includes, among others, functions that manage heap-allocated memory, accurately read the time, write results to log files, control queues of arbitrary data, and implement various arithmetic operations. All of these functions should be considered “slow” and should therefore generally not be invoked while execution is being timed.16



Some notable exceptions are the functions described in Message-buffer manipulation functions, which implement coNCePTuaL’s WITH DATA TOUCHING and WITH VERIFICATION constructs.

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