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3.1.2 Menu bar

The File menu, which appears only when the coNCePTuaL GUI is granted access to the filesystem, contains New, Open, Save, Save As, Print, and Quit commands that exhibit the expected behavior. Programs are saved as coNCePTuaL source code that can then be compiled with the coNCePTuaL compiler as per Compiling coNCePTuaL programs. Print prints a graphical view of the program as it appears on screen. (See The latex_vis backend, for a more sophisticated way to produce graphical views of coNCePTuaL programs.)

The Edit menu provides the usual Cut, Copy, Paste, and Undo commands.

OptionsSettings opens a dialog in the dialog panel for setting the number of tasks in a task row. The default number of tasks in a task row is 16.

AdvancedAdd conditional adds a conditional statement to a program at the current cursor position in the program panel. A dialog in the dialog panel will open for entering the conditional expression. A placeholder expression ‘1 = 1’ is set by default.

AdvancedCommand line options opens a dialog in the dialog panel for adding command-line options to a program. A placeholder ‘reps’ (‘number of repetitions’) option is set by default when this command is selected.

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